Green Living Tips for Reformed Polluters

It Ain’t Easy Being Green – Or Is It?

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If you’re someone who wants to start going green, you may already be doing that if you’re recycling at home. Recycling your cans, bottles and other items you have around the home is a great way to help the environment. But if you feel that recycling is not enough, there are a few other things you can do right now in order to start living a greener, and more sustainable, lifestyle.  Ditch the Plastic Grocery Bags Go cold turkey on this one, but one of the easiest ways to “go green” is to stop using the disposable...

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4 Things You Can Do With Timber From Tree Removal

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If you have to have a tree removed on your property, the wood that comes from this timber can be a valuable resource. The tree service may charge you to haul the material away, but if they do not want it, you can save money by using the timber for your own projects around your home. It can be milled into lumber and used for woodworking projects, or you can use it for things like landscaping and garden borders. Here are four things that you can do with the timber you have from tree removal: 1. Using The Timber For Firewood And Fuel Material If...

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Commercial Parking Lot Clean Up Business Start Up Tips

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Many businesses have their own private parking lots that are not cleaned or maintained by the city or their localities. This can make cleaning a parking lot on their own a hassle, and usually causes the outside of the business to look dirty, dreary, and dilapidated. If you’re interested in starting your own parking lot clean up business, it is a lucrative venture that can be fulfilling and profitable.  Job Tasks If you decide to start your own parking lot cleaning business, there are several things your clients will expect of you....

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Tips For Making The Most Of Your Roll Off Dumpster Rental

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Renting a roll off dumpster is a great way to quickly and easily get rid of junk and clutter. Whether you’re using your dumpster at a construction site or just for spring cleaning at home, there are a few tips that you’ll want to follow in order to fill your dumpster as efficiently as possible and to get the most out of your rental experience in general. Plan Out Where Your Dumpster Will Go First things first, you’ll need to pick and prepare a spot for your dumpster before it is delivered. The spot should be a little bit...

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Are You Thinking About Removing An Oil Tank At Your Home?

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The removal of an old underground oil tank can be extremely important. Removing a buried tank is especially important if you have just found it and have no idea whether or not it is leaking petroleum into the surrounding soil. Learning more about how to have a tank removed can help you get it done faster and in the safest possible manner. Soil Testing Is A Good Idea If you have plans to grow a garden or other vegetation in soil that has been contaminated by petroleum, you may find you have trouble getting anything to grow. For this reason,...

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Will You Save Money Converting Your Home To Propane Gas?

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With the price of oil these days, you may be considering converting your entire home to rely on propane gas as its primary source of energy. Propane is a versatile energy source and can be used in place of oil and electricity. However, will it save you money? Is it worth the time and effort to make the conversion? With a little bit of research, you can determine whether propane will be economical for your home. Benefits of Gas Propane Before looking into what it takes to convert your house, consider the advantages of propane: Approved as a...

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3 Inspections You Can’t Skip When Buying An Older Home

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Are you looking at buying home that is several decades old? Buying an older home can be very rewarding. Older homes often have unique architecture and craftsmanship that you just don’t find in newer builds. However, older homes can also have safety hazards that today’s homes don’t have. Over the past several decades, regulators and builders have learned more about some of the materials and methods commonly found in residential construction. Before you close on the home, you’ll want to inspect the following areas to...

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Addition Considerations When Installing A Septic Tank

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After doling out somewhere between $1500 and $4000 for your septic tank installation, the most reassuring thing that you probably want to know is that it will work effectively and efficiently. As a responsible homeowner, you most likely intend to take good care of your septic system by ensuring that it is pumped every 3 to 5 years and making sure that certain items such as coffee grounds, disposable diapers, and feminine hygiene products are not allowed down the drain. However, improper installation and design as well as problems...

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Three Benefits Of Owning A Diesel Fueled Vehicle

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If you were to visit any local car dealership, the overwhelming majority of the vehicles on the lot would probably be gasoline-based. While gasoline-based vehicles are a great option, they aren’t the only option. In some instances, diesel-fueled vehicles are not just another option, but a better one. There are a number of reasons why owning a diesel fueled vehicle can be beneficial. 1. Increased Value When compared to gasoline-based vehicles, vehicles that use diesel fuel actually hold their value longer. In a side-by-side comparison,...

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